Hexagon X Eldorado

☕✨ It all started with dreams and lots of cups of coffee!!! ☕🌟 Introducing our new partner - Hexagon Coffee

🌏 Who and why?
The story began with three friends of diverse mixed Asian backgrounds, converging in Toronto with a shared passion for high-quality flavors in both culinary art and coffee. Infatuated with the third wave coffee culture in the city, they felt the urge to share their passion with family and friends. But there was something missing...

🌱 Mission:
Hexagon Coffee was born from a dream to introduce the unique and surprising flavors of green coffee beans from Southeast Asia to North America. Established in 2019, our mission is to bring high-quality green coffee beans through direct or fair trade, establishing a continuous inflow that supports farmers, their families, and communities. We go beyond by roasting our coffee, ensuring the best coffee flavors in every cup.

💬 Statement:
✔️ Provide MORE CHOICES and DIVERSITY, especially from ASIA.
✔️ ROAST with LOVE in Ontario, delivering a beautiful experience with fresh, flavorful, and unique profiles to your cup.

☕ Dive into the rich flavors of Eldorado coffee – a true gem from the heart of Alta Mogiana! 🌱🇧🇷 Here's your passport to a coffee experience like no other:

🌍 Origin: Brazil
📍 Region: Eldorado
🌄 Altitude: 1150m
🌿 Varietal: Yellow Catuai
🔄 Treatment: Natural
📦 Coffee: Whole beans
⚖️ Weight: 250g
☕ Brew: Espresso
🌟 Cupping Score: 83

Eldorado Coffee, rooted in tradition on a family farm spanning the Alta Mogiana region, has embraced a journey from large-scale efficiency to the pinnacle of specialty coffee. Winners of the Alta Mogiana Competition and Cup of Excellence, this farm's focus on sustainability and environmental impact is pioneering.

🍫 Flavor Profile:
Indulge in a well-balanced mouthfeel of Dark Chocolate, with subtle notes of Blood Orange and a finish hinting at Sweet Malt and Roasted Hazelnut. The Arabica bean variety, Catucai, is a cross between Catuai and Icatu, celebrated for its high productivity and yield.

☘️ Sustainability:
Eldorado is committed to reducing chemicals, preserving topsoil microbial life, and restoring environmental balance. Pioneering sustainability efforts since 2010, they've become leaders in producing and applying biological inputs.

🌰 Processing Method:
Naturally processed at an average altitude of 1100m, our coffee boasts notes of chocolate and nuts, thanks to the dry process (dried in the whole cherry before de-pulping).

Hexagon X Eldorado
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