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✨ Found Coffee's mission is more than just serving coffee – it's about creating a space where people can truly be found. 💖 Founded by Leighton Walters, with 18 years of experience in Specialty Coffee, Found Coffee is dedicated to serving premium, ethically sourced, and expertly crafted coffee to benefit both the community and farmers alike. 🌍✨

In the midst of the global pandemic, Found Coffee saw the opportunity to make a difference. They aim to be more than just a coffee shop – they want to be a community serving the community. 🤝 Proceeds and profits are reinvested into social justice initiatives focused on fighting mental illness, poverty, and rebuilding communities.

At Found Coffee, coffee isn't just a caffeine hit – it's a conduit of community, an opportunity to impact someone's life for the better. ☕💫 They prioritize people over profit, social justice over social status, and environmental sustainability over everything else. Join us in supporting this incredible initiative and experience coffee that not only tastes good but does good too. ✨

Dive in the exquisite Brazilian Valdinei😍 a captivating coffee from the heart of Matas de Minas. Crafted by Valdinei Rezende, a dedicated producer who began his journey in 1996, this specialty coffee is a testament to years of passion and commitment. In 2014, Valdinei entered the specialty market, and by 2017, he relocated to Araponga's rural zone to enhance the quality of his post-harvest processes.🤩

Managing a 9-hectare area alongside his wife and partners, Valdinei brings you a Pulped Natural Red Catuai, a honey-processed gem that undergoes a meticulous 10-15 days of fermentation and drying on raised beds in shaded conditions. This process leaves around 50% or more of the mucilage intact, resulting in a coffee with a honey-like appearance and a nuanced flavor profile.🌿

Matas de Minas, responsible for approximately 24% of Brazil's coffee production, is a region characterized by small family-run operations. Arabica coffees, grown in areas with diverse topography and altitudes between 600-1,200 meters, showcase a range of flavors thanks to the region's artisanal processes and mild climate.

Best enjoyed as filter or espresso, this sweet Brazil coffee is a clean, smooth honey-processed Red Catuai. Immerse yourself in its refreshing and sweet notes of semi-sweet chocolate, stone fruit, and a pleasant citrus undertone, making it a delightful cup any time of the day.☕

Score: TBS
Region: Matas de Minas, Brazil
Farmer: Valdinei Rezende
Harvest: 2023
Altitude: 1100-1350 MASL
Process: Red Honey
Varietals: Red Catuai
Fermentation Time: 10-15 Days
Drying Method: Patio
Drying Time: 10-15 Days
Elevate your coffee experience with the Brazilian Valdinei – a harmonious blend of dedication, craftsmanship, and exceptional flavor. ☕🌿


Found X Brazilian Valdinei
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